Training Nursing students

Last month Dr Ceri, Nurse Sarah and I had the very great pleasure of training the nursing students from Ugandan Nursing School Bwindi (UNSB) for the USHAPE level 2 Family Planning Certificate. It was an intensive 5 day course combining talks, group discussions, role plays, quizzes and many other interactive activities.

The students were very enthusiastic and engaged, generating lots of debate and providing interesting insights into local cultural perspectives about contraception and sexua health. We covered all the usual family planning material plus adding the optional modules on sexually transmitted infections and cervical screening. It all culminated in a final assessment which included an MCQ and, my personal favourite, the mock community health talks.

We asked the students in small groups of 2-4 to give talks about family planning and sexual health to different audiences, such as teenagers, soldiers, or pregnant women. To really give it a feel of authenticity the rest of the students played the part of the relevant audience…a task they approached with gusto!

All the students passed the course and showed an increase in their levels of knowledge on the pre and post course exams. Can’t wait until the next course!

– Dr Claire Thomas

RCGP Volunteer, Bwindi Commmunity Hospital

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