USHAPE in Kisiizi

Dr Emily Clark returned to Kisiizi hospital for a follow up visit from 4-20th November.

“This was a fantastic chance to catch up with the Level 2 trainees from June 2015, to find out how they were getting on as family planning providers and to iron out any teething problems. They were all doing fantastically, taking opportunities to talk to patients and attendants about family planning and promoting the long term methods.

candidates at kisiizi
Candidates doing an education talk for a women’s group

Together with Sarah Uwimbabazi and Dr Ceri from Bwindi and Sister Damari from Kisiizi, we were able to run another Level 2 trianing week for 14 nurses and midwives. They all attended with energy, enthusiasm and passion and we all had a really fun week. The all passed the exam with flying colours, showing on average a 15% increase in pre-course knowledge and post- course. On the practical day they had more than 50 women attend for a community education talk, and 27 implants/ IUDs were inserted by candidates.

Level 2 candidates
Level 2 candidates

We also organised a men’s engagement session, which was hosted by Levi, male surgical in charge, who had attended the Level 2 course in June 2015. He was assisted by Bruce, male nurse from Outpatient Department, who was attending the Level 2 course. Reverand Joshua also attended the end of the session, and nurse Damari was on hand for logistical support. There were 72 men at the session, all given a soda for attending. They were a mixture of boda-boda drivers, porters, local workmen, taxi drivers and around 15 members of staff.

Implant Training with Sister Damari and Dr Emily
Implant Training with Sister Damari and Dr Emily

We initially showed the Sugar Daddy awareness video, whilst they gathered. We did a short introduction to the evening. We then asked them to write down anonymous questions in English / Rukiga & put them in a bucket. Levi and Bruce then picked out questions at random. There was an interesting variety of questions. At the men’s request, Levi and Bruce did a male condom demonstration and Damari did a female condom demonstration. Free condoms were handed out, and a total of 3 boxes of male condoms were taken, each with 144 condoms in!

Overall it was a great trip, where challenges were identified and worked on, and it was really positive to see the charisma of the nurses in continuing to push family planning forward at Kisiizi hospital.”



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