A student’s perspective on the USHAPE course

Following on from Dr Leo’s recent report on the advanced family planning course at the nursing school last month we have a student’s perspective on the course…


We are greatly humbled and thankful for the USHAPE training that occurred in our school starting on 30th Oct to 4th Nov 2016, led by Dr Sue, a specialist doctor from the UK, Sister Sarah, Dr Leo and Dr Ceri. The training fully enriched us with both theoretical and practical knowledge about the family planning methods which we hope will help us in our training. During the training we also enjoyed sharing experiences with doctors and registered nurses. The mode of delivery of the information to us was also the best one as visual aids and models were used for demonstration for us to easily catch up the techniques applied in family planning.

Most importantly we were further taught about creation of rapport and health education to the couples and youth who intend to take up family planning. The teaching involved course evaluations, clinical practice on the ward and even award of prizes and certificates for successfully completing the training. We hope this will add on our services we deliver to our clients which will significantly put a very nice change in our community.

A total of 14 students attended and completed the training where 6 students were diploma directs and 8 students were diploma extensors.

Otherwise, long live our facilitators, long live USHAPE programme.

Asiimwe Precious (group representative)





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