Reflections on USHAPE

Sarah Uwimbabazi, USHAPE Ugandan Coordinator, reflects on her experience with the project…

Whole Institution Approach under USHAPE was the first project I worked with. At first I did not understand how this was going to impact the community. As a family planning coordinator and provider it never occurred to me at the beginning that it was going to be possible because people had been trained but had not contributed to service provision. This was because only a few individuals from different health units had been trained with no follow up. However, I am happy that USHAPE at Bwindi Community Hospital has finally made it work! It’s so amazing how everyone talks about family planning, how all midwives, nurses, doctors and clinicians have embraced the idea and have incorporated it in their daily routine without inducement. This can be attributed to the adequate training they received from their own facility coupled with support from the staff at Bwindi Community Hospital and the long term UK volunteers.

It is so amazing to see how the family planning message can reach so many people through their own members in the community through offering basic training to village health teams.

Being a master trainer in this programme, it has given me much exposure to challenges associated with family planning and how to address them. I now very much appreciate how family planning is of such great importance in people’s lives in terms of it’s contribution to their standard of living. I will always base my healthcare services on this knowledge in order to make a difference in someone’s life.

I have had interactions with the GPs from UK and have had a chance to share a lot with them, have made friends and some we have even become best friends!



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