Visit to Kisiizi as a short term volunteer by Linda Jones

In March, I took a break from working as a GP on the UK to return to Kisiizi Hospital where I had spent 2 weeks in January 2017. I was given a warm welcome by the staff at Kisiizi and was encouraged by the impact that previous U-SHAPE training had had in the hospital as, thanks to the training, 350 implants had been fitted over the preceding 6 months compared to less that 40 in 2015, before U-SHAPE training began.

I ran a refresher course with the help of 3 Kisiizi U-SHAPE trainers which was enthusiastically attended by previous U-SHAPE graduates. The attendees completed the U-SHAPE exam and achieved an average score of 71%, demonstrating knowledge from the level 2 training had been retained. The course addressed gaps in knowledge identified at the start of the course and included a review of emergency contraception, post-partum contraception, implants and IUDs . There was also a discussion of complicated cases and the barriers to contraception. The graduates were particularly keen to practice their practical skills on models.

I visited all the wards at Kisiizi and U-SHAPE graduates were keen to show me the U-SHAPE bags containing contraception samples to demonstrate methods to service users.

Time was also spent planning a cervical screening and contraception camp, which will take place in May 2018 and will be supported by UK volunteers Jenny Greenfield and Dr Clare Goodhart.

The camp will enable U-SHAPE graduates to develop their skills in counselling patients, delivery of family planning and performing cervical screening. The staff at Kisiizi are making efforts to target high risk patients, such as HIV patients, who have not had the opportunity to attend cervical screening. The clients will not be charged for the cervical screening or contraceptive services and the event is being widely publisised by local radio so large numbers are anticipated.

Linda Kisiizi


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