Return visit to Kisiizi as a short term volunteer by Jenny Greenfield ( Practice Nurse Manager)

After about 15 months, I had the privilege of being able to return to Kisiizi Hospital, where I had spent 2 weeks in January 2017. I had taken a week of my annual leave to be able to put into action the cervical screening and contraceptive camp that had been organised and arranged by Dr Linda Jones and some of the USHAPE trainers. I received a very warm welcome by many staff at Kisiizi hospital and it was lovely to see so many familiar faces.

Two of our USHAPE trainers, Damari and Happiness, had put a lot of effort into arranging the contraceptive week. There had been radio broadcasts and posters put up in the hospital and surrounding areas, to advertise the camp, and they had managed to secure the old theatres for us to use to set up our clinic in. Dr Clare Goodhart and myself were extremely impressed by Damari and Happiness’s efforts to expertly arrange and organise the week’s events.

On day one, we screened 86 ladies for cervical cancer, which was an impressive turn out. The nurses also carried out cervical screening and contraceptive talks to the ladies as waited in line for their smears. Once we had run the first day and sorted out any teething problems, one of which was being able to record the appropriate data, we then put word round to nurses in the hospital that we would be training in cervical screening competencies, as well as Implant and IUD competencies.

Day two was quieter with 32 ladies visiting for services and on day three, Dr Goodhart delivered a cervical screening theory session in the chapel for any nurses who had expressed a wish to undertake their screening competencies, before she left Kisiizi. As the week progressed, we finally screening 310 ladies, found 22 abnormal screens, signed 38 nurses off in cervical competencies, signed 5 off in implant insertions and commenced 24 ladies on some form of contraception. All the abnormal screens have been referred to Gynae outpatients for decisions to be made as to the appropriate treatment required.

I’m delighted that, following this highly successful contraceptive camp, not only have many women been reached with services but cervical screening can now be carried out in more areas of the hospital as, for example, we have trained the nurse who works in the HIV clinic, and smears can now be taken opportunistically as well as in the family planning clinic and Gynae outpatients department. All in all it was a very fruitful week and one which hopefully can be repeated.


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